Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation(RT) Level-II

(For, Source Handeling Personnel need to BARC Certified)

Training course objectives

The course is intended to provide through grounding in the principle of Radiographic Testing-RT and fundamentals of material and process such that the trainee would be able to

  • Identify suitability of RT for the material and inspection technique
  • Develop techniques and procedures that can be followed by a Level I operator
  • Analyse the test result and document the same
  • Be familiar with codes, standards and specifications for RT to evaluate results of the tests
  • Be conversant with all statutory and safety norms of the authorities under jurisdiction


RTFI Level II Responsibilities
As certified RT Level 2 personnel is qualified to

  1. Select proper test technique, Equipment, Films, IQI and other test parameters
  2. Set up the Equipment & Calculations
  3. Manually process film for high contrast and resolution and interpret the results as per applicable standards
  4. Have knowledge of the scope & limitations of RT
  5. Be familiar with production processes of the test material and knowledge of type and location of expected defects
  6. Describe the operational steps in the radiography test method and understand the importance of each step
  7. To develop RT technique for testing a particular job.
  8. Prepare test report for i. Accept ii. Reject iii. Rework (By Interpretaion of Film)
  9. Prepare written instruction for Level I
  10. Guide and check test results of Level I operators
  11. Responsible for care and maintenance of the NDT/RT equipment

RTFI Level II Course outline

  1. Non-conventional Radiography
  2. Techniques in radiography
  3. Codes, standards and Procedures
  4. Acceptance Standards
  5. Manufacturing processes and discontinuities
  6. Interpretation of Radiographs

RT Level II Practical training

Interpretation, evaluation of Radiographs, recording of test results and preparation of test reports.

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