ASNT NDT Level III certification candidates are required to pass both the NDT BASIC and Method examination.
Test method mainly refer to the type of penetrating medium or the equipment used to perform that test. Current NDT methods are as below:
1. General Knowledge of Methods:

    Acoustic Emission Testing (AE),
    Electromagnetic Testing (ET),
    Guided Wave Testing (GW),
    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR),
    Laser Testing Methods (LM),
    Leak Testing (LT),
    Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL),
    Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT),
    Magnetic Particle Testing (MT),
    Neutron Radiographic Testing (NR),
    Radiographic Testing (RT),
    Thermal/Infrared Testing (IR),
    Ultrasonic Testing (UT),
    Vibration Analysis (VA)
    Visual Testing (VT).

2. Specific Questions Based on perticular Specificatis Supplly of Methods:

    The six most frequently used test methods are  UT, RT, MT, PT, ET and VT.
     Each of these test methods will be described here our website, followed by the other, less often
     used test methods