UT of T-K-Y Joints Level-II

A certification course exclusively designed for acquiring proficiency to conduct Ultrasonic testing of critical T-K-Y weld joints during fabrication of structures and piping. The course is meant for in depth learning of special techniques suitable for directly applying to actual T-K-Y weld joints on field. NDT Level III Trainers with vast experience in inspection of specialized weld inspection applications will teach the subject. The program consists of PowerPoint presentations, in depth study about interpretation of applicable codes related to these types of joints, practical sessions and technical discussions to quickly bring the students for easy understanding the subject.

Course Outline

  1. API-RP 2X (Tubular Connections)
    • Selection of probes
    • Construction of DAC
    • Evaluation of defects
    • Acceptance criteria
  2. AWS D 1.1 (Non tubular connection Steel Structures)
    • Statically loaded
    • Cyclically loaded Structures.
  3. Construction of weld cross section involving curvature using profile-gauge and other methods
  4. Estimating change of angle, beam-path, surface distance for curved surfaces
  5. Construction of a flaw locating rule for T K Y Weld Inspection
  6. Applying acceptance criteria
  7. Ultrasonic inspection report preparation


  • Sample Test Specimens containing T, K, Y welded joints

Our organizing and conducting the above course at NDT & Welding courses training centers in Calcutta, Chennai, & Mumbai in India. Contact us for more information about eligibility criteria and current schedules

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