Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) 

This PAUT course is for you as an experienced Level 2 qualified ultrasonic technicians looking to expand their knowledge and ability to  implements of your qualification & experience in phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT),
You can attain physically or e-learning training is part theory part of PAUT course; 
you can 
mixed of both practical training followed by certification to ISO 9712 or SNT-TC-1a
The online modules you can study when you have time and any where you are present, it is most convenient and at your own free time can used. 

1.  Principle:
     Interference : constructive & destructive interference 
     Snell's Law, Hygens's Principle
2.  Phased Array Probes & Wadges:
     Neat Field & Limit of Focus
     Focal Length, Depth of Field, Steering,
     Beam Width, Beam Length, Sweep Range, Signal-to-noise ratio
3.  Beam Forming:
    Focal Kaw, Time Delay, Constant focal Law(Straight Beam), Linear focal Law( Angles Beam),
    Focused Beam, Combination Focal Law)Angled & Focused Beam),
    Beam Steering Modes: 
    Fixed Angles, E-scan(Linear Scanning), S-scan, Compound Scan, PA -TOFD
4. Focusing Mode:
    Dynamic Focusing, Spatial Resolution, Lateral Resolution, Elevation Resolution
    Lobes: Main Lobes, Grating Lobes, Side Lobes and Beam Resolution
5. Scanning Patterns:
     Types : Automatic, Semi-automatic & Manual
     Linear Scan, Bi-directional Scan, Uni-directional, Skewed Scan, Helicoidal Scan, Spiral Scan.
6. Instruments
    Pulser- Receiver: Voltage-Pulsed Width-Rectification-Band Pass Filters-Smoothing
    Digitizer -Frequency- Averaging-Pulse Repetition Rate(PRF), Compression, Acquisition Rate.