Coating Thickness Gauge

A coating thickness gauge (also referred to as a paint meter) is used to measure dry film thickness. Dry film thickness is probably the most critical measurement in the coatings industry because of its impact on the coating process, quality and cost. Dry film thickness measurements can be used to evaluate a coating’s expected life, the product’s appearance and performance, and ensure compliance with a host of International Standards.

The non-destructive coating thickness measurements can be taken on either magnetic steel surfaces or non-magnetic metal surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminium. Digital coating thickness gauges are ideal to measure coating thickness on metallic substrates. Electromagnetic induction is used for non-magnetic coatings on ferrous substrates such as steel, whilst the eddy current principle is used for non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates.
Measuring Range
0-1250μm (0-1.25mm) or 0-50milResolution
0.1μm (0-99.9 μm) and 1μm (over 100 μm)Accuracy
±1-3% (±2.5μm or 0.1mil - whichever the greater)Power Supply
2 x 1.5V AA Batteries Minimum Measurement Area 5mm Minimum Sample Thickness 0.3mm Operating Conditions
Temp: 0 - 50ºC and Humidity: < 80%Weight

Coating Thickness Testing Images

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