Co-axial Cable BNC to Mini Lemo for Price
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10% to 15% discount any three items purchaseing at a time.

Repair or Calibration or Re-calibration for any equipment of ULTRASONIC FLAW DETECTOR, ULTRASONIC THOCKNESS GAUGE & MAGNETIC YOKE , New Charger & Battary.

Yoke AC/DC lifing power 5 KGf /24Kgf with PIIE Gauge for Price Rs.14,000
YOKE AC/DC)(with PIE Gauge+Blower+ Test Block 1.6mmSDH Price Rs. 16,000

Test Piece with  minimum 3Nos. flaws Speciment for MPI & PT Rs. 15,000 (thickness 6 to 8mm).
Test Piece with minimum 3Nos. flaws Speciment for UT Rs. 25,000 (thickness 12mm & 20mm)

Co-axial Cable BNC to Mini Lemo Price Rs.1,050
Co-axial Cable Lemo to BNC Price Rs. 1,750
Co-axial Cable BNC to Micro Dot Price Rs.1,750

Normal Probe 10mm Dia.Price Rs. 4,000
Dual Probe 10mm Dia Price Rs. 5,000
Angle Probe (8x9) 4MHz Price Rs.4,000
Angle Probe (8x9) 2MHz Price Rs. 4,000

MPT PIE Gauge Rs. 1,600

Test Block 1.6mm Side drill Hole Rs. 2,600
Blower for Dry Perticle Rs. 900


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